We focus on teamwork through interdisciplinary collaboration between technology, innovation and knowledge so that all our customers find the buying/selling experience, professional, affable and finally make an assertive investment.


Be the #1 reference company for Real Estate Transactions in Central and South Florida for local and foreign customers.

How we do it

Our culture makes us a lifestyle company that inspires and promotes positive impact, with lasting connections between customers and realtors. We have the skill to guide our Realtors and Clients through what can be a stressful and emotional process to make it professional and reliable. Visit our property website at FortexRealty.com

Our Services

Central and South Florida Real Estate Services for Local and Foreign Buyers and Sellers

Buying and Selling Residential Properties:

We facilitate smooth transactions for local and foreign buyers and sellers in the dynamic Florida environment by providing expert advice from Licensed Realtors.

New Constructions

Immerse yourself in the most innovative and attractive options in the market of new constructions with the advantages in valorization, guarantees and insentivos of the builders.

Commercial Properties

For investors and entrepreneurs, we offer specialized services in commercial and multifamily properties facilitating strategic transactions and investment opportunities.

Sale of Lots

Explore development opportunities with batch procurement, backed by expert advice for your specific goals in this constantly growing area.

Counseling in Mortgage Loans

We work with financial institutions to provide mortgage loan advice to local and foreign buyers, ensuring the best financing options for your investment.

Title Services

We guarantee secure and compliant transactions through title and closing services, ensuring that all transactions comply with legal and financial requirements.

Property Management

We offer property management services, providing comprehensive solutions for those looking to manage their investment properties efficiently.

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